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Tan Lines Gin

Tan Lines Gin

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Our Tropical Gin boasts an exotic blend of luxurious native botanicals found exclusively in Australia. Crafted in the coastal region of North Queensland’s dry tropics, every bottle of our Gin is handcrafted with world-class ingredients by a team of true blue Aussie legends…or, Aaron, depending on who is available.

Juniper, Coriander Seed and Angelica Root are balanced with ethically harvested, Australian grown Lemon Myrtle, Strawberry Gum, Wattle Seed and Desert Lime to create an experience that is uniquely Australian.

100% Australian Made Contemporary Gin.

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Where are your products made?

Our products are carefully crafted in beautiful Townsville, North Queensland, Australia.

Where Do You Ship To?

We dispatch orders daily, and ship Australia wide.

Do Your Products Contain Dairy

Our products are all 100% dairy free.

Do any of your products contain Gluten?

Nope. All our products, and our Distiller are 100% gluten free.

Are your products suitable for Vegans?

Why yes, they are. While this may seem like a silly question to some, with some spirits made from dairy and animal products, ours are 100% plant based and animal cruelty free.

What do you do with your waste?

No one really asks this question: but we have proudly partnered with Atlas Soils, a local startup committed to creating environmentally regenerative products from greenwaste, foodwaste, and other wastestreams for the benefit of local communities.