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Hand Crafted in the "Spirit" of the Tropics...
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Distilling with a side of humour

“A man with authority walks into a bar, and orders everyone around…”

Besides alcohol, what do all the best bars have in common? 

They deliver an experience: one that makes you glad you came, leaves you wanting to do it again, or simply makes you feel like there is nowhere else you’d rather be.

We bring experiences from bartending in craft bars, and lessons learned: while crafting beautiful, exotic, or even the perfect cocktail, it is only partly about the alcohol and ultimately about the experience. 

Tan Lines Distilling is crafting premium quality spirits for you to experience when you find yourself somewhere there is “nowhere else you’d rather be”

Why Tan Lines Distilling?

The name Tan Lines is meant to invoke a smile.  Everyone has a story about a funny or unfortunate tan line they’ve seen or experienced, and if all else fails we can make a math joke:

“What is the most mathematical part of summer?  -All the Tan Lines…” 

Tropical Gin

We are Launching Soon…

We are excited, because our very first two products will be available for purchase through our online store! 


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Tropical Vodka

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