Tan Lines Distilling is the brainchild of Aaron Rieniets – MBA in Sustainability, bartender extraordinaire, and resident dad-joke enthusiast in Townsville. We're a North Queensland Distillery that's on a mission to bring a bit of irreverent humor to the world of craft spirits.

At Tan Lines Distilling, we believe that life’s greatest adventures lie in the pursuit of exceptional taste and unforgettable experiences. Our brand story is a testament to our core values and unwavering commitment to crafting spirits that embody quality, authenticity, community and the spirit of playfullness . Tan Lines Distilling is more than just a distillery; it’s a lifestyle. We believe that life should be lived boldly, pushing boundaries and embracing the unexpected. Our spirits are a celebration of those moments when we step out- side our comfort zones and create memories that linger long after the last drop has been savoured.

Our Tan Lines Craft Spirits are a range of premium, yet playful concoctions that are perfect for the hospitality and home consumption markets. And while we take our spirits seriously, we're not above cracking a joke or two along the way.

We're a community-minded brand that's all about supporting the local economy. That's why you'll find our spirits stocked in cellar-doors and local venues throughout the region. Plus, we're capitalizing on the tourism push into FNQ by crafting spirits that embody the laid-back, sun-drenched lifestyle of North Queensland.

With years of industry expertise and a whole lot of passion, we're committed to crafting the highest standard of spirits and experiences. And in this crazy, uncertain world we're living in, we're focused on doing what makes us happy and sharing that joy with everyone who wants to join us for a sip (or two). So, whether you're a seasoned spirits connoisseur or just looking to unwind with a fun and flavorful drink, we've got you covered. Cheers, mate!


Meet our founder and distiller

Family photo of Aaron Rieniets in Townsville december 2019


Aaron Rieniets, MBA. 

Meet Aaron Rieniets, MBA - our Founder and Distiller, who's a bit of a "jack-of-all-trades" and a connoisseur of all things boozy. Originally from Melbourne, Aaron moved to Portland, Oregon in the U.S. to get a taste of the local distillery scene.

After returning to Australia in 2019, Aaron decided to set up shop in Townsville, QLD because he heard the local beaches were the perfect spot for catching some rays and sipping on a refreshing cocktail. With a passion for creating uniquely Australian and tropical flavors, Aaron set to work on designing a brand that combined a bit of Aussie humor with a commitment to quality and authenticity.

At Tan Lines Distilling, we take our spirits seriously, but not ourselves. We believe that life's too short to drink boring booze, and we're on a mission to bring a bit of fun to the craft of distilling. So, whether you're sipping on our award-winning vodka or enjoying a gin and tonic garnished with a slice of Queensland sunshine, we promise to bring a smile to your face.

Our core values are simple: integrity, community, and legacy. But don't worry, we won't quiz you on them at the bar. We're just happy to have you here, and we hope you'll join us in raising a glass to good times and great spirits. Cheers, mate!

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