About Us

Meet our founder and distiller

Family photo of Aaron Rieniets in Townsville december 2019


Aaron Rieniets, MBA. 

Aaron is a "jack-of-all-trades" who grew up on the west side of Melbourne, VIC. As a teenager he moved to Portland, Oregon in the U.S.

Before returning to Australia Aaron worked for Dogwood Distilling, a local distillery that focused on high quality products and supporting the local service industry. 

After moving back to Australia in 2019, and seeing an opportunity to begin a distillery in Townsville, QLD. Aaron set to work designing a uniquely Australian and Tropical brand that would highlight Townsville and all things Queensland that are loved and should be celebrated with a fun sense of humour.


What is the purpose of Tan Lines Distilling as a business?


Quality, consistency, and accountability dont come without integrity.  Our Distiller, Aaron, strives to create the highest quality products and services.


Tan Lines Distilling has been the fortunate recipient of so much community support and amazing partnerships with local community leaders like Atlas Soils and Payne Farms allow us to serve the community that supports us in so many ways.


In an industry that has members with 200 years of experience, Tan Lines Distilling is mindful of the both the history of our craft, while setting our sights on becoming a leader in the industry.